San Diego Colonics by Bonnie Hopster

San Diego Colonics by Bonnie Hopster offers San Diego residents colon hydrotherapy, enemas, and garlic and wheatgrass implants*. Our colonic facility offers colonics to anyone seeking a good colon cleanse or enema. We primarily offer personal colonics in San Diego, but we also provide the best colon cleansing products available at a very low cost for those interested in cleansing their colon at home.

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Many people in San Diego wonder who the best person to get a colonic from is; the answer is Bonnie Hopster. Bonnie has 15 years of experience in performing enemas and colonics in the Lemon Grove, El Cajon, Mission Valley, Spring Valley, La Mesa, Santee, and the Rancho San Diego area. Bonnie offers colonics Monday through Friday, with special colonic sessions offered on weekends to fit your busy schedule. Colonics by Bonnie provide a relaxing atmosphere and a safe and effective colonic service. Our San Diego colonics facility is located in Lemon Grove, California. Lemon Grove is a part of the community of San Diego, the constipation relief, system detoxification, body and colon cleansing capital of the world. We offer special discounts to support people who would like to save money on their colonics, or need to schedule their colonic sessions on the weekend.

Are you feeling stressed, fatigued, or bloated? Do you over-indulge? Are you suffering from excess gas or Candida? Looking to lose weight and cleanse your body in 55 minutes?

A colonic might be for you.

Proper colonic cleansing can

  • Facilitate weight loss.
  • Relieve irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).
  • Relieve chronic constipation.
  • Relieve tension and irritability.
  • Increase the elimination of waste.
  • Relieve uremia and toxemia.
  • Restore vitality and energy levels.

Health is not a given, it is something we must strive to maintain and improve daily. We can get closer to optimum health through proper nutrition and colonics.

Our colon cleansing goal is to provide you with the best colonic service possible and live by our motto: relax, renew, and rejuvenate.

Providing San Diego residents with colonics and constipation relief for 15 years, we have helped thousands of clients reach optimum health through colon cleansing. Call Bonnie now and schedule your colonic!

*Wheatgrass implants are available only if you bring in fresh wheatgrass juice on your visit.