Colon Health Defined

Are you suffering from exhaustion, constantly getting colds, prone to break outs, bloating or constipation? You might have an unhealthy colon. Perhaps it’s time you had a colonic or some type of colon cleanse? We offer products for colon cleansing available to be shipped anywhere in the United States, or if you want to do colon cleansing in San Diego you can visit Bonnie who is in Lemon Grove, near Spring Valley, El Cajon, and greater the San Diego area.

Due to our unhealthy lifestyles, many of us are prone to constipation. Constipation is unnatural, but in western countries it has become alarmingly common. What most health care professionals fail to acknowledge is that the types of foods many of us consume are unhealthy, low in fiber, and slowly destroying our colon health. This makes it difficult for our waste to make its way down our intestinal tract. There are many factors that can lead to an unhealthy colon, including stress, poor diet, and lack of exercise. One way we can improve our bowel health is through colon cleansing and colonic care.

Why is Colon Cleansing Important?

The purpose of the colon is to process and store waste prior to elimination. One of the ways we sabotage our health is by consuming large amounts of processed food. Over-eating often leads to constipation that can potentially lead to other health-related issues like colon cancer. Annual colon hydrotherapy sessions can prevent this kind of toxic waste from ever building up.

Without the added bulk needed to allow fecal waste to travel down our intestines, cecum, and rectum, the bowel becomes backed up. As our fecal waste continues to sit in our colon, it becomes denser and drier because we aren’t supplying it with enough fiber or hydration to properly be expelled. In order to get our bowels moving, many of us reach for colon cleansing products, such as laxatives, to resolve this issue. Some of us might even become dependent on laxatives. We have to avoid the trap of chasing symptoms instead of truly addressing the cause of constipation.

Many alternative therapists believe we should be having bowel movements two to three times a day. In countries where people consume less processed food, they eliminate more often and have a much lower level of cancer, diabetes, and constipation. Many colon specialists even suggest that we should be having a bowel movement shortly after we consume each meal, since the new food that is entering our intestines will push the old material farther down our intestines. Many of us are not having bowel movements two to three times daily after we eat; the waste is just building up in our colons. The sad reality is that toxic waste will accumulate in your colon until it destroys your health. It is stealthily disguised as occasional constipation, but it more often manifests as chronic constipation.

Healing an unhealthy colon can take time. The good news is that in most cases it can be done. You can get your bowels back on track and remove the accumulated waste, hazardous toxins, and mucous that remains lodged in your colon. Two of the ways we can accomplish this are by getting colonics or using the right non-addictive, effective, and thorough colon cleansing products. Bowel Detoxification is what I give my colonic clients to take home. You can order it through this site if you can’t make it in for a personal colonic.