This is the Colonics San Diego Contact page. When coming in for your colonic, feel free to bring a music CD of your liking to listen to during your session.

If you wish to start a colon cleanse before you come in for your first colonic please visit our detox cleanse page.

Colonics by Bonnie fully supports cleansing through natural means such as wheatgrass. Colon hydrotherapy clients may bring in fresh wheatgrass for a wheatgrass implant on their colonic appointments.

Colonics and colon health are our passion and if you need us we are here to help put you on the road to optimum living. San Diego’s – Colonics by Bonnie takes your privacy very seriously and we know colon health can be a shy subject. We take that into consideration with each of our colonics.


San Diego Colonics by Bonnie

3031 Lemon Grove Ave.

Lemon Grove, CA 91945

Phone: Office: (619) 464-8800

Mobile: (619) 889-5650