My Raw Diet: a True Cleansing Diet

My Raw Diet: a True Cleansing Diet

February 18, 2013 in Colonic Information

In June of 2012 I was invited to participate in a Documentary that would be about 5 Ladies going on an “ALL RAW DIET” for 90 days. Initially I was asked by Lilliana Cabouli a Doctor of Psychology and a client of mine to educate these Ladies in the importance of cleaning their colons while on this “CLEANSING DIET”.

Dr Cabouli has been a client of mine for the past few years, and as with all of my clients we have many amazing conversations while on my table. One conversation that we had was about a client as well as good friend of mine that has been on a “HIGH RAW” diet for 20 years, and that I have had many clients over the years doing the same. Dr Cabouli was a Vegan and from a very young age had been a Vegetarian, but she had never heard of a “HIGH RAW” diet and wanted to learn more about it. The next time she came in for an appointment with me, she made the statement that she had gone “RAW” and that it was all my fault, I protested saying that i didn’t tell her to go “RAW”and she said that she loved it, and thanked me for telling her about my friends diet.

After being “Raw” for a year Dr Cabouli decided she wanted to find 5 people willing to be in a Documentary that would be about changing to an “ALL RAW DIET” for 3 months and to document the results that they would achieve in that time.

Just as we were about to start filming the Documentary Dr Cabouli asked me to go on the diet with her and the 5 volunteers, that since I was the one that had inspired her to go “RAW” that it would be perfect for me to go “RAW” for 90 days to show my transformation in the Documentary as well. To be honest I did not really want to go “RAW” for 90 days so this came as quite a shock to me. It was a week before my birthday, and knowing that the first 30 days we would be going on an ” ALL LIQUID ORGANIC” cleansing diet, I protested that it was my birthday and that I wanted to have birthday cake for my birthday! Dr Cabouli’s response was what better present to give my self than “Good Health”? So for the first time in 58 years I celebrated my birthday without a birthday cake.

So I did the 30 day “ALL LIQUID DIET” and stayed “RAW” for 90 days, and I lost over 50 pounds. I began to feel better, the pain in my knees went away and I have more energy than I’ve had in years. Dr Cabouli was right it was “The best gift I could give myself”

by Lee Dobbins