The Poop On Colonics

The Poop On Colonics

October 11, 2012 in Colonic Information

The Poop On Colonics (colon health)

by Lee Dobbins

Taking care of the colon seems to be a popular trend in colon health these days. While many in the medical and alternative medicine fields are saying that most disease and illness starts in the colon, there has been a huge demand for information on how to clean and care for this vital organ.

The job of the colon is to absorb water and minerals as well as eliminate the waste or feces that is no longer needed by the body. Some say that a healthy colon will produce 2 or 3 bowel movements a day, shortly after eating. Unfortunately many people do not take proper care of their colons and suffer constipation and illness.

Colon hydrotherapy is becoming a popular way to clean out the colon so that it can function properly. A series of colon cleanses can remove encrusted fecal matter that has been sitting around in your colon for years as well as parasites that can hinder digestion and absorption of minerals.

If you plan to add colonics to your health routine, you should make sure that you see a therapist that is certified and recommended by your doctor. It is important that you follow a course of treatment that is under the supervision of a trained medical person as colon hydrotherapy is serious business. In addition, you will want to make sure you start to eat healthy so that you can keep your colon in tip top shape once your treatment is over.

A colon hydrotherapy session can last up to 45 minutes. During this procedure, a speculum is inserted into the rectum and the colon is filled with water via a tube attached to the speculum. Fecal matter is expelled through a hose leading back to the machine. It is important that you use an experienced hydro therapist as they will know exactly how much water to use – too much water and it will be painful. The colon hydrotherapy should not hurt at all, although you may experience a bit of gas. Also during the procedure, the therapist may massage your abdomen to help loosen impacted fecal matter.

If you plan on having colon hydrotherapy, be prepared to have several sessions. Depending on how bad your eating habits have been, you could have decades of impacted fecal matter in your colon which may take several sessions to dislodge.